Creating Presentations & Documents:

Documents & Quick Creations for posting:

Powerpoint & other presentations:

  • Free PowerPoint = use Google Docs ! And students can collaborate by simply using the same username & password. *They just need to hit the refresh button to make the changes their partner has made appear on their screen.And once they are finished they can share their presentations/Powerpoints in SlideShare

  • -where others can comment on them. In SlideShare they can post or embed their PowerPoints or presentations in a Wiki/website or place notes, audio, & even video on their presentations. They can add their voice or narration to their presentation using SlideShare and they can publish

  • Create presentations by using yours or anothers voice, notes, pictures, etc. and you can use the phone to record the audio or simply have others comment on your presetation: Voicethreads

    -For great examples of how to use Voicethreads in class visit: Click Here or WebTools4U2Use

  • Powerpoint on Steriods : The Moss-Free Stone

  • How to create Interactive Powerpoints :

  • Online pinboard for presenting a collection of ideas, videos, pics, etc.: & at: pininterest

  • Short stories/tales: Use art, your drawings, pics and voice to create:

Create Websites or Wikis:

Creating websites: 1. Easy for students to use:

- Create basic website in a safe and educationally based environ.: 3. Good website. Yet has ads. Students can collaborate by using same login & password:

Simple way to create a wiki:

-What is a Wiki - view video: commoncraft
-Teacher flyer (pdf): handout
-Presenting Wiki to others: toolkit

Multimedia Creations:

- Online posters - use pics, vids, text, & more:

Creating Booktrailers:


- Stupeflix -

Biography Presentations:

-Fake Facebook Wall - students can present biography presentations:

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Presentation Advice:

!. Freetechforteachers


1. Dr. Barrett discuss ideas for e-portfolios to support life-long learning:

2. Create a template for students to post and type in explanations of their work: