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Collections of ideas, tricks and lessons:

1. The Whiteboard Blog

2. Create Interactive Whiteboard games for learning:


Vocabulary & Rootwords:

1. Creating whole words from roots & prefixes, etc. -Go to #3 -Drag & Drop : TheWhiteboardBlog

2. Word Builder - has downloadable file: thewhiteboardblog


1. Spark Discussion via a sequencing or True/False of statements - go to #4: Thewhiteboardblog

Graphic Organizers:

1. Upload a pdf of a graphic organizer and then create text boxes at the bottom of the page/pdf and in the text boxes type in words or sentences you want the students to place into the graphic organzier. - go to #3 for directions: thewhiteboardblog

Closures & Reflections:

1. Create plenary circles to spark student reflection of what they have learned -go to #7: thewhiteboardblog