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Game on!:

1. Run your own presidential campaign; solve international problems; run your own constitutional law firm, etc! : iCivics

2. A database of history games - over 126 playing history games! : Playing History

3. A variety of games: BBC

4. Award winning games - go underwater in a sub for a 3D experience with sharks; redesign a rollercoaster; etc! : The Jason Project

5.Game- survive & thrive in colonial Jamestown -Students compare their strategies at the end to see if they did better than the Jamestown colonists: History Globe

6. 77 various educational games: freetech4teachers

7. Lots of topics and variety of game at: www.zondle.com

8. Who wants to be a science millionaire? & other games: Jefferson Lab

9. Many games using math skills: Hooda Math

Is Gaming effective for student learning?:

1. Learn from teachers who have tried it -their advice and tips: freetech4teachers

2. Learn how gaming can help student's learn: http://readingpower.wordpress.com/2011/05/29/gamification/

3. Video on: The new significance of video games: PBS

Games for the entire class:

1. Powerpoint Games: http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/vocab/ppt-vocab.html

2. Jeopardy & other games (no powerpoint needed): http://jeopardylabs.com/

3. On Interactive Whiteboards - How to create educational games (& a few free games):



Other Games

Lots of topics and choice of game:


MineCraft - player needs to survive on an island by creating items from resources and supplies. Students use inferencing & problem solving skills.

Directions on how to play are here:


Download this game to play -this is the download:


Vocabulary building games:


Take time out and Doodle:http://doodle.ly/

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