"All men are capable of reason. That is the fundamental principle of democracy."

-Joseph Campbell

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“Genius is the capacity to see 10 things where the ordinary man sees one"

Ezra Pound

To see more on thinking through attempted scams & see 'why we beleive' : http://www.scienceofscams.com/

Never be fooled again. What is the truth?

Can someone tell you what to see or do you find out for yourself?

'Do not take anything I have ever said to you as truth. You must find out for yourself.' -the Buddha

"Everbody's mind is capable of true knowledge, you don't have to have a special authority, or special revelation telling you that this is the way things should be."

-Joseph Campbell

Does life exist at the surface or does it have depth? - Belief or Faith in something greater than ourselves? the power of Intentions?, What is the Purpose & Meaning of life?, Do you have Awareness?, Do you use your skills of Reasoning?!

Do you believe it because its in a book, or website or because someone told you? Check out what Plato's famous allegory of 'The Cave' :

How to implement Critical Thinking & encourage Higher Order Thinking:

1. Tips on basic reading and life questions - . . . "After reading a book about Martin Luther King or studying the Civil Rights era, you could choose to ask a child a simple question such as “Who is Martin Luther King, Jr.?”. Instead, to promote critical thinking skills, you might ask them “Why do you think that people view Martin Luther King, Jr. as a hero of the civil rights era?” . . . : : readwritethink

2. **How to implement Critical Thinking in class - teacher lessons & lots of resources: Edutopia

Exercise your Critical Thinking:

1. Make inferences from photos from history and solve the mysteries: Image Detective

2. Solving problems with pictures: http://www.thebackofthenapkin.com/

3. A collection of Critical Thinking resources and tools:http://austhink.com/critical/

4. 7 Best practices that target various types of thinking: Visible Thinking

Making Inferences:

1. Introduce inference and evidence with this cool activity: nationalgeographic

2. To introduce inferencing for reading and model making inferences while reading: SeattleUniv

3. Reading btw the lines -short lesson/practice: instructorweb.com

Inferencing Aids:

1. Graphic organizer for making inferences: readwritethink

2. Lit. Circles & reading - G.O. for vocabulary & a G.O. for making inferences based on evidence in text: ALA/Moreillion

and many others at: ALA

Print out free graphic organizers - over 100 to choose from:


Reasoning is not just using the mind but the heart as well. Reasoning requires wisdom and character.

---See 'Ascent of Man' notes.

"Figuring out how you can break through a wall is not reason. The mouse who figures out, after it bumps its nose here, that perhaps he can get around there, is figuring something out the way we figure things out. But that's not reason. Reason has to do with finding the ground of being and the fundamental structuring of order of the universe." -Joseph Campbell

1. Check out this website of games, etc, to help you work on widsom, long-term happiness and resilence:http://www.playsuperme.com/

Profound Questions to use your new skills on:

1. Does language affect your thinking?: LearningTechnology

2. Some say that America had to drop the atomic bomb on Japan to end WWII & some argue that we should have just sacrificied more American troops to end the war? Was their a third option? Are there only 2 sides to an issue or challenge?

- Sobering pictures of a 360 degree view of Hiroshima after the atomic bomb was dropped: 360

3. Cornel West - Martin L. King would have wanted a revolution and not a memorial: theRoot.com

Civic Engagement via critical thought:

1. PBS: Civic Engagement using Social Media - These lessons are designed to help students explore the ways in which they can take action on political and social issues using social media tools and by analyzing propaganda and other methods used by media and campaigns, etc.- check out the RESOURCES: http://www.pbs.org/teachers/connect/resources/6467/preview/?contactID=174428995&gwkey=XN8Q6BRJ57

2. (Youth) Global Action Project - Curriculum on several lessons/topics of media such as: framing & messaging, media advancing movements, liberation, etc.!: http://curriculum.global-action.org/

YOu_decide.JPGClick on picture to vote on a variety of issues and see how others voted and then review both side of the issue and with critical thinking you may see more or gain another view.

3. Teens -do you feel subdued -this article offers 8 reasons why 'the fight' in you has been erased -what do you think? : alternet.org