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Space & Astronomy:

  • MoonKAM - Middle School students acquiring knowledge on NASA projects!: MoonKAM

  • Video of the Universe -as seen traveling from the earth: TheKnownUniverse

  • The Real Scale of our Universe - project on sreeen or wall for appreciation of scale!!!: BBC Future

  • Several Interactives for learning the scale of our universe to atoms

  • Definitely play Scale of the Universe 2 -(Teachers will need bypass to use):


  • Powers of Ten video: see the scale of the universe and atoms: School Tube

  • Students learn facts about our solar system via interactive slides (at site: look below for 11 videos on space) : HistoryChannel

  • Launch a spacecraft to Mars and help solve the mystery of life on Mars - great interactive: NASA

  • Star life-cycle interactive: aspire.cosmicray

  • Book- fun and engaging book on Astronomy by Basher -520 GRE
  • To see the amazing photo of our home taken from over 4 billion miles away! Our lives are fragile and precious: PaleBlueDot

The earths rotation & seasons:

  • Introduce the earth's hemisphere, axis, seasons, etc. with this interactive -> then students do the activities: Teacher's Domain

  • Great interactive to experiment with earth's tilt & its effect on temperature in all seasons: mcgraw-hill

Moon phases:

  • Introduce the lunar cycle by viewing this video:

  • See the moon's revolving and rotating (from earth & space) and interact to view various stages of the lunar cycle: PBS

  • Students predict phases of the lunar cycle- several levels of difficulty: sciencenetliniks


  • Newton's 2nd law of motion: Watch NASA astronauts demonstrate mass vs. weight in space: PBS

    -also your weight on others worlds interactive (scroll down to play)

  • Newtons 3rd law of motion: Astronauts walk in space and demostrate this law: PBS

  • Principle of the Conservation of Momentum - interact with weights on the air track to learn principle: PB

  • Book - engaging and fun book on Physics in our library by Basher - 530 GRE

Earth Science:

Plate Tectonics, Earth's Soil & Topography:

  • Great video instruction of plate tectonics and their causing major geological events: Shake, Rattle & Slide

  • Quality videos on several topics from plate tectonics to volcanoes to soil erosion:

  • Erosion: Videos and activities and quizzes: BrainPop

  • Engaging video of erosion and weathering - explained with a simple experiment: YouTube

  • Beautiful photos of various types of topograhy and erosion: National Geographic

  • Use Google Earth to show satellite photos of area of San Antonio to use along with the Erosion Activity below: Google Earth

  • Soil Erosion Activity: Great list of sequential questions students respond to in order to investigate and analyze erosion in a specific area: Dirtmeiste

  • Book- fun and engaging book on Rocks and Minerals by Basher - 552 GRE


  • Weather Archive - get map of weather for any day back to 2001: NOAA

  • Weather History - get temp., pressure, wind, etc. for a specific day :

  • Precipitation Simulation - interactive - learn how temp, wind, etc. effects weather:

-It has an Air Pressure Simulation interactive too.-(Teachers will need bypass to use)
  • Extreme Weather/ Natural Disasters (hurricanes, floods, etc.) - trusted sites collected by me:



  • Climate change -over 17 educational videos with lesson ideas: climate_change.JPG

  • Living On Earth - Radio Show & podcasts & articles on our environment & animals via NPR:

  • Atlas & interactive map of our changing environment: UNEP/GRID

  • Exploring oil spills & chemical disasters - Lots of resources!!: NOAA

  • The Gulf Oil Spill - lots of news articles, photos, video & links: NYTimes

  • Students learn the effects of oil spills and techniques for cleaning up - interactive activity: Teacher's Domain

  • Lab project - testing the absorbitity of different products on oil spills: Goo-Be-Gone

  • Students learn about green activities - reuse, recycle, etc. via activities: TheGREENS

  • Interactive - guide with questions of simple experiment showing how pollution affects groundwater: US EPA

Biology & Evolution
  • Interactive game - Ecosystems -students learn both biotic and abiotic factors: Teacher's Domain

  • Interactive & video - Learn of various biomes and thier organisms: Windows to the Universe

  • Learn about the issues of overfishing on marine habitat and what we can do about it: Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • Video - the same salamander species survived and evolved differently overtime in two different/varied environments: NOVA

  • Interactive slide show - see how both polar & grizzly bears differ though sharing a common ancestor:

  • Interactive Game - see how organisms cope with various environments via their traits: NOVA

  • Book - fun and engaging book on Biology by Basher - 570 GRE

Genetics & Cell Biology

  • Interactive game - students have fun and learn about dominant & recessive traits and how they appear physically: Thingdom




  • Lessons -Students use BASIC to create 3 simple computer programs, create a robotic arm online, & use the Turing method to analyze artifical intelligence: Discovery Edu

Science: Collections of sites & tools

Science Blogs to follow:

Math & Science:

Science and Math flashcards & games:
  • Who wants to be a science millionaire? Element flashcards, & other games: Jefferson Lab




Collections of sites & tools engaging students in Math:


  • Award winning games - go underwater in a sub for a 3D experience with sharks; redesign a rollercoaster; etc! : The Jason Project

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Photos cited:
1. Header - Man with cables by EMSL / Planetarium - Clff_Baise / Robot by PaulPck / sportscar by yewenyi