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Why collaborate? - Its the wellspring for good ideas!

Discussion & Collaboration tools:

1.Online discussion board: http://www.learningcommons.org/educators/tools/goPost.php

2. Online forum for discussion or group work: http://www.learningcommons.org/educators/tools/peer_review.php

-To acess either site first create account at: http://www.learningcommons.org/uwnetid/

3. What is backchanneling or a collaboration tool? & many tools listed!: Educational Technology Tips

-Powerpoint of a few tips on Backchanneling - Class Discussion which everyone has a voice and can remain anonymous : RichardByrnes

4. Great Backchannel tool!: http://todaysmeet.com/

Feedback & polling tools:

1. Take polls via cell phones with mulitple choice or open-ended questions -can upload questions from documents!: http://www.polleverywhere.com/


How to get started? - Begin w/blogging rules and a class blog** - Here is how: http://theedublogger.com/2010/01/05/week-1-create-a-class-blog/

1. Three Helpful Tools to add to your Blog: freetech4teachers

1. Safe and can have student blogs or teacher blogs w/50 blogs for 50 literary groups, etc, no email needed -this site even has handouts to help explain how to use for students.: http://edublogs.org/

2. For classroom blogging: Posterous Spaces

Collaborative tools for documents: writing, powerpoint, ideas, themes, etc.:

1.Google Docs -

2. Online whiteboard : Scriblink

3. Use this tool for all students to post to the same single online bulletin board -you can post a theme or name, etc. you want the students to research pics, docs, videos and post to the bulletin board in regards to the single theme and then view and discuss as a class:


1. Share online notes & whiteboard notes: Evernote


Create presentations by use and others voice, notes, pictures, etc. and you can use the phone to record the audio or simply

have others comment on your presetation: Voicethreads


Lots of tutorials at Fusion Universal:

Class Texting: people don't open email but they do check messages:

1. Designed by a highschool student: http://www.gtext.com/

2. Send your classs messages without them knowing your read number or you knowing theirs: http://www.gtext.com/

3. Allow parents and students to text you questions without them knowing your real number: http://voice.google.com/


Everything you want to know about podcasting: