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Get Organized or help them get organized:

1. Gather assignments & help students create portfolios to be organized, & much more: http://www.learningcommons.org/educators/tools/

2. Get free cloud storage & emails & collaborative tools for both your students: Microsoft live@edu


1. Quickly grade mutiple choice & fill in the blank quizzes: Flubaroo
2. Rubrics: uwstout

A Learning Community:

1. Correspond or share lesson ideas with fellow teachers: http://www.accuteach.com/

2. Or at: http://www.edmodo.com/

Tech Tools:

File Sharing:

1. Upload, Download, & share large files up to 1GB:http://www.uploaderbox.com/

2. Free Cloud space: http://www.dropbox.com/

3. Get free cloud storage : Microsoft live@edu

4.Share large files:
5. Read files without Internet: SendToKindle
Converting a video or anything:

Make your blogs interactive: