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The Black Eyed Peas of Reading

Tweens and Teens Book Blogs:
1. GreenBeanTeenQueen - Blog written by a librarian

Don't know if you like to read?! :

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Anime Resources:

Teachers companion to anime: Gilles Poitras

Librarians companion to anime: Gilles Poitras

Don't Know What to Read? - Here is How to Find a Good Book!:


Top 20 titles & series teens are reading - 02/12 - SLJ

Why (electronic) e-books?2. SAPL's ebook graphic novels and comics (Free!):
Amanda Hawking is now a millionaire after keeping her passion for writiing and publishing 9 e-books on Amazon after being turned down by nine publishers.

Ebooks for Teens at San Antonio Public Library website

1. Over 300 e-books FREE! - mostly the classics like 'Alice in Wonderland' & 'Dracula': OpenCulture

E-books & Audiobooks:

1. Follow this link for your listening pleasure choose from tons of the lastest (& free) YA 'E' & audiobooks: SALibrary/Overdrive.com


2. Choose from 3,000 audiobook titles -go to YA titles in lower right hand column: SAPL/Netlibrary


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3. Bluford Series - audiobooks -Free!: http://www.bluford.org/audiobooks/

Free Audio Books: Bookshouldbefree

Listen to the classics - free! : http://www.thoughtaudio.com/

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The BEST of Horror!!!!! - MonsterLibrarianThe BEST of Horror!!!!! - MonsterLibrarian