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Joe Tedesco
I am currently a middle school librarian in San Antonio, Texas. I am also a graduate of the masters program at Sam Houston State University for Library Science and I am a certified school librarian. My passion is to show teens that their are infinite aspects of life that are life affirming, interesting, and worth discovering. I also seek to introduce the great and engaging educational Web 2.0 tools. I also desire to help students and teachers to become multimedia & information literate in order to become critical thinkers and life-long learners. I wish to help young adults to become life-long readers and to find books- audio, text and otherwise - they will enjoy!

I would like to hear any ideas, questions, or constructive criticisms on creating a better blog or wiki:

Contatct Email: joseph.tedesco@nisd.net

Shortened URL for this wiki: http://goo.gl/zcsCs